‘Path Me To Heaven’ by Vivian Chilumo (Kenya)

When the clock chimes and my work here is done
I shall smile and say, ‘Oh it has been fun!’
But what I shall desire to hear
Is the click of that heavenly lock
What I shall thirst to meet
Is the escort of he who loved You most
Holding the big old key
To what You created for me
Praise from my chords shall emanate
Oh what joy shall my soul unfold
When the radiance of Love and Goodness
Reiterates to me Welcome Home
The path to heaven I need to follow
The faith like that of Abraham borrow
To believe without question
To endure the heart’s circumcision
To give my one and only
To He who is the source of provision
Path me to heaven, dearest Lord
The path to heaven help me tread
Even when sundry may be on another instead
Like Noah design me that ark
To cruise through the floods of iniquity
And when it all gets too dark
May Your rainbow shine to all infinity
Path me to heaven, dearest Lord
The spirit of Job help me keep
With gratefulness and humility that runs so deep
To utter always a thank You
For You giving and taking away
And also for the strength to not stray
To remove this veil of sin
For naked I was born
Naked I will go
Path me to heaven, dearest Lord
That on the right path I shall not walk alone
But like John the Baptist be a magnetic zone
For it ain’t no fun being home alone
Together good fruits we need to produce
The spirit of generosity forever induce
Together as one be
The voice crying out in the desert for He
Who is The Way, the Truth and the Life
Path me to heaven, dearest Lord
Like Esther may I walk where none shall dare
Upto reaching Your golden sceptre
Like Abel give You only the best
And like Levi follow You, leave the rest
Like Nicodemus afresh be born
And like Paul turn to hope from scorn
Path me to heaven, dearest Lord
To the prayer of Your handmaid
May Your attention please be paid
My mistakes are like a sea
Only my faith may You see
If my iniquity You are to count
To stand, my feet shall be in want
To change and make ever true
My heart is what I ask of You
And that You


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