by Isabella Morawetz (Australia)


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  1. if you go to “Art Critique” on Facebook Susan Ooro posted the image of the girl above and I did a mini analysis of it posted there. The link does come back here. This was my analysis as found there now shown here below.

    The main ingredients are texture, and the contrast of light to dark. The fewer the number of ingredients used the more they impact the quality of the of the image so they must be used optimally. Notice the quantity of each of light dark and middle neutral or middle grey. According to way of analysis Either the light or dark will become the main area of interest if there is less of one or the other. In this case they are close enough is weight or quantity of space used that it is not the defining factor to indicate the main are of interest.

    All of the lightest and darkest areas are all well contained with-in the image which is optimum use of that ingredient as well.

    The facial expression sets the mood which is supporting it as the main area of interest.

    The texture effect is fairly evenly distributed but notice that there is clarity and non textured area around the eyes nose and mouth indicating it or creating that area to be the main area of interest.

    The eye is on or close to the third line which supports it to be the main area of interst.

    The only detailed area is the eye nose and mouth also supports it as the main areas of interest. Detail is superb here.

    Also notice the use of the strong and continuous line moving from the forehead nose lips and down the neck again is supporting not conflicting.

    Having three or more ingredients or categories used like this in support of each other to create a strong main area of interest and no competing or conflicting in gredients to draw attention elsewhere is why this is such an excellent image.

    The use of the ingredients chosen and the quantities of each are superb.

    This is what makes this a strong and memorable image. I am an art analyst. I analyze what makes an image strong and memorable. I hope this mini analysis was helpful and the artist has used knowingly or unknowingly the list of some of the 40 ingredients listed in my book the “The Art Advantage” available on

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